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Welcome at IGE PhD!

Here you may find some information relative to your daily life at IGE and other.


  • Administrative: Everythings related to administrative stuff at IGE and university (mission order, internship, mail, etc.)
  • Tools: Description and how to access different tools (computing facilities, printers, libraries, etc)
  • Setting up your life in France: sometime, it is difficult to understand the French administration… Here you will find some tips&tricks.

How to contribute?

This is a collaborative wiki, so please, don't hesitate to edit it! You just have to log in with your university account (Agalan).

Once your logged in, you can edit a page by clicking the pencil on the right side.

Try to let it as simple as possible :)

Other documents for Ph.D. students are available here: EN and FR


  • Seminars:
    • The IGE seminars are listed in the IGE website, and you can subscribe to the calendar: ICS
    • GLACE seminar calendar: ICS and web page
    • Paper discussion: every Wednesday at 14:30 (room to be determined)

Miscellaneous information

  • Where to print a poster: UGA services or ask for a devis to COREP (Contact: grenoble@corep.fr, 2 Rue du Tour de l'Eau, 38400 Saint-Martin-d'Hères, providing the type of paper (MAT 180G, BRILLANT 200G, TISSU, BACHE). Also BURO+ (Av. Gabriel Péri) is the only place in Grenoble where to print a poster teh saturday.
  • For maintenance request : Formulaire de demande de maintenance


  • Friday beer: come and share a beer! Register to XXX@ige-grenoble.fr to have the info.
  • PhD lunch: usually on friday
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